Professional Recruiting and Outplacement Organization

Land your dream job or find the perfect candidate for your company’s open position. At The Sansone Group, we work with employers and candidates to optimize the benefits for both parties. We are a full-service professional recruiting and outplacement organization in Manasquan, New Jersey, who serves job applicants and companies both nationally and internationally. Let us help you make the search for a new job or assist in transitioning your down-sized employee to their next career move.

The Sansone Group is also available to our client companies when the need for individual or company-wide reduction-in-force measures are necessary to meet long-term corporate objectives. Our team is highly trained to consult with individuals so they are better able to deal with the process of transition. We evaluate & assess careers, skill sets & interests to develop goals & objectives for career planning and job search training. If an individual is looking to make a complete industry change, our firm has the ability to match each candidate with specialized, experienced 3rd party recruiters in a multitude of industries.

When working with employers, our experienced staff helps companies promote positions to attract the types of employees that are perfect for the job. We know that it’s not just about what applicants do, but how employers advertise their positions. We have countless candidates ready to apply for your position, as well as the skills to sort through them and find the right match.

Career guidance from Skilled Recruiters

Learn how to build your resume and ace the interview with advice from our experienced recruiters. Each of our recruiting professionals has a proven track record of success, not only in helping candidates align their skills with their ideal position, but also in the world of business. They have decades of experience in Fortune 500 companies, which means they understand what goes into the hiring decisions of the employers we serve.

Some people come to us with a lot of experience but are unsure of how to organize it. Others may not have direct experience, but rather have transferable skills. In either case, we want to make sure our clients don’t sell themselves short, while also leading them to positions that draw from their competencies. With the advice and guidance you’ll find at our professional recruiting and placement organization, you can communicate your skill set in a more accurate way and feel more confident when it’s time for an interview.

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December 8, 2020

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OI Global Partners – November 4, 2020 OI Global Partners, a human resource consulting firm that helps organizations manage their talent and individuals manage their careers, announces the organization’s addition of The Sansone Group as the strategic human capital solutions provider in New Jersey. Dan Sansone, owner of The Sansone Group, has been a leading, […]

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January 3, 2017

Job Tips

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Job Placement Services for Specialized Markets

Count on our recruiters for detailed knowledge about the industry you currently serve or are trying to move into. Our professionals have diverse backgrounds in business, which has given them intimate knowledge in certain markets, including the following:

  • Building Materials
  • Consumer Products
  • Kitchen & Bath Industry
  • Plumbing & Heating Products
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial products

The knowledge we have in the above industries means we understand what companies are looking for in those applying for jobs, as well as what potential employees are looking for in the companies they apply to. Our goal is to help both sides in the hiring process feel comfortable and confident about each other.