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Job Recruitment That Works with Both Parties

Don’t settle for a recruitment agency that doesn’t serve your needs. At The Sansone Group, our services allow both sides of the hiring process to get all they are looking for. We allow applicants find the help they need not only in the search process, but also in interviewing and transitioning to a new position.

On the other side of our recruitment, we help companies find the ideal candidates for their open positions. We consider our services to be akin to matchmaking services. We want to ensure that the candidates we recommend for your company’s position not only meet the technical requirements in terms of skills, but also have personalities and values that align with your workplace. Our unique screening processes narrows down a huge pool of applicants to only those with the traits you are looking for, saving you time and money throughout the hiring process.

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Experienced Recruiters

Trust our recruitment professionals to represent your business and any open positions in a way that attracts the right applicants. With nearly 50 years of combined industry experience, our professionals come from backgrounds in high-level positions at various companies, including Fortune 500 companies. They understand what you need during the hiring process and what makes your job easier to perform. We have in-depth training in candidate sourcing and recruitment practices, as well as expertise involving screening technology that gives you the best possible outcomes while reducing the time you spend looking for the ideal candidate.

About Our Recruiting Process

Get the help you need throughout the recruitment process by turning to us for career placement services. We start by interviewing the hiring manager to get information about the position and the company. Our professionals then offer consultation on salary and how to best market the position.

We then post the position and look through our database of potential candidates. A list is made that sorts candidates by abilities, experience, job function, and location. The candidates are evaluated to make sure they are a good fit. We take care of every aspect, including offers, counteroffers, interviews, non-compete contracts, and relocation. With our help, you spend less time and have more of a chance finding the person that fits best into the position and your corporate culture.

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Value Proposition

The Sansone Group is devoted to creating exceptional partnerships with our specific industry clients. Our culture thrives on teamwork & dedication in an environment where integrity & honesty are the cornerstones of our organization. This enables us to provide a world-class service, while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We are committed to identifying, recruiting & representing the finest available Sales, Marketing & Engineering professionals in the industry.

Areas of Expertise

Our search professionals have earned their reputations as highly specialized industry experts. Our staff spends much of their time interacting in the marketplace on a daily basis - researching, gathering and exchanging information. Quite simply, we know how to find the most successful performers in the building materials...with even extensive reach into the plumbing and Kitchen & Bath category.
Our Consultants at The Sansone Group specialize in placing sales, marketing, supply chain/operations & engineering/product development professionals with Manufacturers, Distributors & Independent Rep Agencies.
We are VERY particular about WHO we recruit for, seeking the TOP companies in the industry & those “on the rise” that offer the best career opportunities for growth

Why We Are different

Before becoming a well-known recruiting professional, our founder (Dan Sansone) spent 17 years in Sales & Marketing roles, working for leading, Fortune 500 manufacturers of branded plumbing & heating products. That experience provides him & his staff a deep understanding of their client companies' needs.
Dan is NOT a recruiter that learned the building materials industry from behind a desk...He "grew up" in the industry & then was professionally trained on how to effectively recruit top industry talent.
The Sansone Group staff have established countless relationships with the top sales, marketing, operations & engineering professionals, working for the best performing companies in the industry. This keeps us continually connected to the people that their client companies want...those that have a proven track record of success. Our firm takes pride in locating the hard to find, right-fit candidates for our clients. We listen to what they want & then commit our team to making the perfect match.

Typical positions filled by The Sansone Group...
- Vice President of Sales & Marketing
- Director of Sales & Marketing
- Director of Strategic Sales
- Channel Marketing Manager
- Brand Marketing Manager
- Product Marketing Manager
- National Sales Manager
- National Account Manager
- Regional Sales Manager
- International Marketing Manager