Job Placement Services That Apply to Your Specific Needs

Don’t trust a generic job recruitment agency to help you advance in your career path or find the right applicants for your company. At The SanDella Group, we serve a range of niche markets, allowing all of our clients to have their needs met. Whether you’re an applicant looking for job placement in Manasquan, New Jersey, or you are in HR and want to expedite your hiring process while finding the best-qualified people for the job, you can count on us. Turn to our professionals to assist with job placement in the following industries:

  • Building Materials
  • Consumer Products
  • Kitchen & Bath Industry
  • Plumbing & Heating Products
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial products

Serving Niche Markets Like Building and Consumer Products, Kitchen & Bath and Plumbing & Heating Products

Why do we cater to only a few industries? The answer is simple: to give our clients the best service possible. Our job recruiters have years of experience as high-level employees in Fortune 500 companies across the globe. This means they understand what companies are looking for when they make a hiring decision.

More importantly, our job placement specialists have very detailed knowledge about specific industries. This allows them to see if applicants have any transferable skills from other industries they could use to jumpstart their careers. Furthermore, our targeted focus enables us to help companies attract the right candidates for their open positions by including the right verbiage in their position listings and filter through the resumes efficiently.

Looking for a Career in the Kitchen & Bath Products Industry?

If you are looking for a position in K&B, building and consumer products, or any of the other industries we serve, you have come to the right place. Our job placement services aren’t just listings that you can apply to without help or guidance. Instead, we offer comprehensive solutions that make it easier to move forward in your career.

Are you new to the Kitchen & Bath Industry or have you been in the industry for a while? This will help us determine what types of challenges you can and want to handle, as well as what type of compensation you deserve. We work with companies all over the country, so if you want to move to a different state, we can help there too.

We go above and beyond to ensure you’re progressing on your ideal career path. From providing a list of employers that meet your particular needs to coordinating the interview process, and even helping you make the transition to your new position, our professionals are happy to provide whatever you need to succeed.

Contingency Search

Pay-for-performance recruiting solution ideal for filling mid-level positions.

Two People Shaking HandsThe Sansone Group Contingency Search program is ideal for positions you have some time to fill. It is designed for mid-level and sales positions. We understand that you want them hired quickly, but budget only allows you to pay once the hire is made.

What do you get from TSG’s Contingency search program?

  • An industry experienced recruiter with highly targeted candidate pools
  • All candidates are interviewed, qualified, and interested in your opportunity before they are presented
  • Candidate management throughout the process from beginning to rejection letter, or better yet acceptance!
  • Job offer and negotiation support
  • No upfront fee
  • 30 Day Replacement Guarantee if your hire doesn’t work out

Just a reminder: The Priority status of Contingency Searches is Fluid. Our Retained & Engaged Search clients take top priority. Since Contingency Searches are purely pay-for-performance with no upfront investment, they can be shuffled down the roster. Nothing personal. It’s just business.

Not so sure that contingency is right for you? Our number #1 goal is to help you get the talent you need in the best way for you. Once you’re ready to talk, schedule your free client consultation by clicking here.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Our Contingency Search Process

From the first conversation to final close, the recruiting process can last anywhere from a few days to several months — depending on the complexity and details of the position, the tactics you’ve already tried and the current climate of the economy. Here’s what we do, how we do it, and what to expect — at every step of a contingency search.

This is a 20 minute call that allows us the chance to connect and verify that you feel good about working with us and we can verify we are the right recruiter for your opening.

STEP 1: Clarify Expectations
To ensure we know what you expect of your hire, we will go through a Q & A process with you. We ask about the job description, whether this is a new or a replacement role, position goals, compensation and more.

STEP 2: Start the Search
Based on the information you provide, we will tap into our industry specific database and network of candidates to search out those we’re confident are a fit.

STEP 3: In-depth Interviews
We conduct the candidate interviews, asking questions that relate directly to the job, uncovering what’s not on the resume. And, with our solid recruiting knowledge in your industry, we are able to dig deeper and weed out the ones that won’t work.

STEP 4: Present the Prospects
We may have one or we may have five, but know we’ll only present prospective candidates we strongly believe fit your criteria.

STEP 5: Offer and Negotiations
From beginning to end we take on the candidate management, which includes the offer, negotiations, a rejection letter if necessary, but our goal is for them to sign on the dotted line.

Record Of Results
Our replacement rate is less than 1%. So, there’s a 99% chance your hire will stay on board. But, if you need to replace them within the first 30 days after hiring, we’ll provide another candidate on the house.

Engaged Search

Engaged Search. Highly involved, results-driven recruiting effort for high-level positions. Blends elements of both a Retained and a Contingency Search. Consulting with a strong pay-for-performance aspect.

An Engaged Search blends the benefits of Retained and Contingency Searches. Here is what you can expect:

  • High focus on you — we only take a handful of Engaged Searches at a time
  • You’ll get an industry experienced project team led by a Project Coordinator, a professional recruiter to represent your company as you navigate the complex hiring process
  • The vast majority of our searches and candidates are in Leadership or Business Development positions. This allows us to focus our candidate relationship development efforts on our true “target market” making us even more responsive to your needs.
  • Guaranteed hire or we don’t receive our full fee.
  • Significantly lower financial investment vs. Retained Search (1/3 of expected fee vs. 2/3 to all of it without a guaranteed hire)
  • With Contingency, your search can lose priority overnight if a better client or a better search comes along.

At The Sanone Group our Engaged Search is for high-priority positions that need to be filled quickly, with game-changing talent. An engaged search is recruitment consulting with a targeted hire goal and a strong pay-for-performance aspect. We will dig deep and then get to work, finding and engaging the right people for your opportunity.

Retained Search

People Shaking Hands Beside Person Holding TabletRetained Search. With retained search our absolute priority is to ensure you make the best possible hire in a timely fashion. We provide step-by-step support through-out the hiring process to ensure you get the best possible hire for your critical opening. From what your business truly needs to succeed, to identifying your ideal hire profile, developing and executing your recruiting strategy to extending an offer that gets a YES!

Here is what you can expect with Retained Search:

  • High focus on you — you are the top priority for our firm.
  • You’ll get a dedicated Project Coordinator & project team to guide you through every step of your selection process.
  • We deal with top talent in building products every day. We know what you need to say, do, and pay to find the best.
  • You’ll get access to everything we have – passive candidates, our proven process, and our passion for finding the best.
  • Extended guarantee period to 90 days to ensure your new hire is a Superstar & difference maker at your company.

At The Sansone Group our Retained Search is for critical to get right positions that you aren’t confident you can manage in house.